What’s in a name?

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If someone asked you to name three luxury car brands, which ones would you choose? I immediately think of Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. If that person wanted you to name three economic car brands, what would your answer be? That answer might depend on how you define “economic”—whether it’s in dollars and cents (less expensive at the time of purchase) or in value (long-term value and benefits that outweigh the initial investment). What strikes me about these two examples is that the company names are defined by their brand identity. When the folks at Mercedes Benz were in the process of naming the business years ago, it’s doubtful the creative people behind the name were thinking, “Yeah, this name sounds like a luxury brand.” But over time, how they positioned this business name led to the development of the brand and its reputation.

Your company name will mean different things to different people, based on their experience and perspective. But before you create a name for yourself, you must evaluate and understand your target customers and what they will expect your company to provide them. You want your business name and slogan to convey the core values of your company while giving insight as to the products or services you provide. A name that’s too short may be hard to understand, but a long name may be hard to remember. Company names that are two to three words are easy to remember and understand, n extra word can go a long way toward more effectively communicating your brand or value proposition! We’d like to think that Fresh Bread Creative is a good example.

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