The Process

1. Select Fresh Bread Creative Services
We offer Professional Name & Slogan Development and Logo & Corporate Identity Design Services.

2. Complete Our Online Creative Brief
The Fresh Bread Creative Brief describes your projects visions and expectations. It provides the information required for our creative professionals to take your project from concept to creation.

3. Allow 1-2 Business Days for Delivery
Delivery is dependent on the project. Our finest ideas and initial design concepts are delivered within 24 hours. Your project manager is responsible for managing multi service projects and will work with you on design revisions. A project manager will be assigned to you at the completion of your order and will provide you with a project timeline for orders containing more than one creative service

4. Choose One Concept and Move to Revisions
Your project manager will coordinate the revisions. A revision consists of font change, color change, or graphic placement change on design projects.

5. Project Completion
When you are completely satisfied with your project, your project manager will deliver your files via email.