Is naming your company after yourself a good idea?

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For Ford and Hoover, it was. The name Ford Motor Company is as Americana as grandma’s homemade apple pie, and people who purchase a Ford car or truck today immediately know they are buying an American-made vehicle. If keeping consumer spending in the United States is important to a customer, the Ford brand is an immediate target.

But how long did it take Henry Ford to build that level of brand recognition? After founding the company in 1903, the Model T became the car to drive, and more than 15 million of them were sold in the United States alone. Ford created a car for the masses and, as a result, built a brand that has endured the trials and tribulations of more than 100 years of history.

One hundred years. That’s a long time to wait to reap the rewards from a brand. If your name is Jones and you have the next great invention, how long do you think it will take for Jones to become a household name? What is “Jones”? Does the company provide a service? Products? The creation of a business named Jones today is no different than the creation of a business named Ford 100 years ago. Or is it? If your business is going to provide something new to millions of people instantly, Jones may work. However, if you’re one of the thousands of new start-ups that make a go of it each year, you probably need a creative business name that better communicates your company’s product or service.

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