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.co Business Name Generator DilemmaRegistering domain names for generated business name ideas has become quite difficult nowadays because the domain registration industry is nearing its saturation. This is quite a challenge not only for business name generators but also for business owners as well.

For the past three months, .CO Internet S.A.S. successively and aggressively launched the .co domain. This new name extension created a split of speculations regarding its effectiveness. The typical domain sellers or analysts say that this is another typo that is driven towards the typo traffic of the .com extension much like the .cm launch which didn’t do quite well.

However, the .CO Internet strongly opposes this idea. According to Lori Anne Wardi, .CO Internet Director, .co is not another typo and they know that theirs is something unique from the recently launched extensions. Before .co became available to anyone around the globe, it underwent lengthy deliberations before getting the approval of the Colombian government who owns the .co domain. .CO Internet did a lot of research to make policies which are flexible enough for international use and could benefit all parties involved. They also did an extensive market study regarding the perception of the public regarding the .co domain.

Comparing to .cm, which is obviously a typo because it doesn’t stand for or mean anything, the .co is almost as universal as .com. .CO Internet found out that 75 percent of their respondents equated the .co with “company,” “commerce” or “corporation.” In fact, it has been popularly used as 2nd level domain names for over twenty countries. Examples are,,, etc.
The public launch of .co was successfully done last month which shows that there are lots of business name generators and business owners alike who are looking forward to the .co domain extension. It opened up a new source of available domain names, making it a lot easier to register a new domain. And once its popularity eventually takes off, the playing field of domain name registrations will absolutely change. However, the true effectiveness of this domain extension still remains to be seen.

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