A lesson in word brainstorming

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Most would agree that the art of business naming can make or break a start-up company. During the name development process, creative folks are tasked with coming up with a name that is unique yet original. While it may seem like a monumental task, developing a business name or a slogan doesn’t have to evoke panic. It can actually be fun—and it is a necessary process to ensure that you truly know your target market.

First, consider your target audience. What words would they use to describe the products and services they might need from you? If they did a Google search for their needs, what words would they use? Play with words and slogans that you already know. Write down competitor company names. What do you like about these names? What could you do without? List 10 words that describe your company, and then look them up at www.thesaurus.com to see what other words have the same meaning. Consider adjectives that describe your offerings and strengths. Think about terminology that stirs emotion or causes someone to take action. Most importantly, use words that will give insight into what your company can do for the customer. Remember that no word or phrase is too silly or off-the-mark during early brainstorming stages. This exercise should be a free-flowing session of words. From there, you’ll be ready for the next step in naming your business—connecting words that will work for you.

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